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Navigating the Wood Shop

The wood shop is divided into primary areas as described below.  A shop map is found HERE. A shop map may also be found in the coffee room on the whiteboard by the computer.

Back Room (Sharpening Room) F01 – Back room with, lathes, pen lathes, sharpening, oscillating sander, 22″ drum sander, sharpening, dovetail jigs, toy saw etc.

Lathe Room F02 – Lathes, band saw, sanding table, router tables, chop saws, vertical and disk sanders, monitor’s station, first aid supplies

F03 – Maintenance Room Lockup

Saw Room F04 – Band saws, table saws, horizontal belt sanders, mortiser, radial arm saw, small 1/8″ band saw, arbor presses, drill presses, portable tool storage on shelves (T04)

Jointer Room F05 – jointer, thickness planer, bowl presses, table saw jigs

Bench Room 1 F06 – layout bench area, hand tools (T01), Tool Sign Out (M1-M5 by monitor station) glue cabinet etc. Bench Room 1 is on the west side of the shop – coffee room is off this room.

Coffee Room (F06) – stuff is in lockers. Some are locked and reserved for storage and maintenance (not accessible to members), other lockers are accessible to members

Bench Room 2 F07 – layout bench area, clamps (T03), Toy Room. This bench room is on the east side of the building with an exit door to the south.

Click HERE to see a shop map. A shop map may also be found in the coffee room on the whiteboard by the computer.

Tool Search

Click HERE to use Searchable and Sortable Database to FIND TOOLS, JIGS, AND SUPPLIES

Maintenance ONLY Search

This search is intended for Maintenance use.

Maintenance Team, click HERE to search for hardware, tools & supplies.

Click HERE to see a shop map. A shop map may also be found in the coffee room on the whiteboard by the computer.

Safety & Tool Use

READ: WWGVR safety manuals at the Monitor station or online HERE.

COMPLY: You must comply with WWGVR policies and safety training.  The links below are not an alternative or replacement for the shop manuals and training.

VIDEOS: The below list of videos is provided as a courtesy for members from YouTube and manufacturer’s websites only as a resource reference.   DO NOT ASSUME the videos below are the final word on tool use and safety. Not all tools have instructional or safety videos posted here.  Neither WWGVR nor GVR assumes liability for information shown in (or missing from) these videos.  Again, you must refer to the WWGVR training manuals for WWGVR policies and instruction on tool use.

Tablesaw 5 min video
Tablesaw tips
Tenon jig for table saw
Belt/disc sander safety
Router table safety
Router table tips (Using table/plate starter pins)
Jointer safety
Jointer tips
Thickness planer safety
planer snipe
panel saw
panel saw tips
radial arm saw safety
Box joints with a radial arm saw
Bandsaw safety
chopsaw safety
chopsaw tips
lathe safety
spindle sander safety
drill press safety
Drill press tips
shaper safety
reversible rail and stile set-shaper
Shaper Instruction
Rockler Shutter Jig instructions
Wyoming wood Turner safety
part 1
part 2
bandsaw tips
End grain through the planer
Portable router safety
Pneumatic nail guns safety