Woodworkers of GVR Website: The club website was redesigned from March through October 2020 to be mobile-device friendly, accessible, simple, and secure. The website now provides an online, contactless, club membership management system to reduce paper records, volunteer time, and face-to-face interactions. The redesigned website allowed the club to open sooner by helping the club comply with COVID-19 guidelines from GVR.  

Club Membership Management: All club membership management is now performed online through the club website:  woodshop.gvrclubs.org

Member Management Responsibility:  Individual club members are expected to manage their own personal “Your Profile” page on the website. Under the “Your Portals” menu, the member can:

  • View “Your Profile” (a summary of member status/expiration, locker/drawer rental, renew cost)
  • Update Your Profile (contact information, etc.)
  • Update Your Password (change password)
  • Make Member Payment (pay renewal dues, verify locker & drawer assignment, etc.)

Membership Renewal Changes:

  • All club memberships EXPIRE on January 1st each year if not renewed.  Expired memberships immediately lose access to the club website AND the club wood shop.
  • Members are expected to renew their membership via the “Make Member Payment” page after logging into the website.
  • The club will no longer send out membership renewal invoices as in previous years. The club will only send renewal reminders via email newsletter (See para 5, Member Communications Requirements)
  • Members may renew their membership at ANY time of the year via the online process. To avoid renewing twice in one year, members can review their “Your Profile” page to verify their “Paid Thru” date.
  • Members are HIGHLY encouraged to renew before December 15 each year to avoid a disruption in website AND wood shop access.

Member Communications Requirements:

  • Members are expected to maintain a current, working email address on their membership profile to facilitate club and website communications to the member. 
  • Members are expected to subscribe to the club Newsletter via the website if not already receiving the Newsletter.
  • Newsletter sign-up is found at: https://woodshop.gvrclubs.org/newsletter/  under the “What’s New” menu choice.

Locker and Drawer Rentals:

  • Members desiring to rent a drawer or locker need to contact the Drawer & Locker Manager (currently Stewart Tagg) for current availability.
  • Members desiring to change or relinquish their drawer or locker rental need to contact the Drawer & Locker Manager (currently Stewart Tagg) BEFORE they renew membership.
  • Members renting drawers and/or lockers who do NOT renew their membership, must contact the Drawer & Locker Manager (currently Stewart Tagg) immediately to avoid loss of contents.
  • Drawer and locker rentals which expire on January 1st are subject to the removal of contents by January 31st if the renter does not renew club membership or make payment arrangements with the Drawer & Locker Manager (currently Stewart Tagg).

New Club Member Joining Process: Joining the club is a “process” that begins via the website. If someone asks how to join the club, direct them to the club website homepage for information.

  • Any current GVR member can register on the club website to begin the process of becoming a Full Member of the woodworkers club.
  • After initial registration and completion of a “Profile Page” on the club website, a GVR member becomes a club Associate.
  • Club Associates may login to the club website to learn about the club, complete online training requirements, sign-up for the club newsletter, and to sign-up for Orientation & Safety Training classes.
  • Associates can NOT scan in to use the wood shop until they become Full Members.
  • Upon completion of online training requirements and Orientation & Safety Training class, the Associate becomes a Full Member of the club after payment of dues on the last night of orientation class.

Member Use of the Wood Shop: In order to open the wood shop in compliance with GVR COVID-19 restrictions, the following rules are necessary for members to access the club wood shop facility:

  • Members must reserve a 4-hour time slot via the website to access and use the wood shop.  Members login to the club website to find available time slots and register for an open slot.
  • A “How To” document for Shop Reservations can be found on the bottom of this website page after a member is logged in: https://woodshop.gvrclubs.org/shop-sign-up/
  • A Member may register for only one time slot per day no further than 5 days in advance.  This policy may be modified depending on the “demand” for shop time!
  • Members must comply with equipment cleaning standards in place at the time of use.  These cleanliness practices may change from time to time.  Ask Monitor on duty for advice.
  • A Monitor must be on-duty to scan-in and use the wood shop.