Shop Rules & Policies

IMPORTANT!! WWGVR Club Member Access to Use WOOD SHOP!

WWGVR Club Members: You MUST HAVE YOUR GVR Card on your person to work in the wood shop.


This is a GVR Rule…No GVR card = No Access and No Usage!

Club By-Laws

Wood Shop Rules & Policies

Wood Shop Safety Binders

Green Valley Woodworkers Operational & Safety Manual MUST Be Logged in Member to View!

Basic Shop Etiquette

Clear the layout tables daily.  Shop Rules state that you must clear and clean your workspace on a daily basis and you must remove your work from the shop.  

Don’t be a Distraction: Don’t distract a fellow woodworker who is working on or concentrating on their project.

Don’t Help Without Asking: If you think a member needs help with their project (ie. holding, measuring, gluing, guiding, sawing, taping, etc), it is always best to ask before jumping in.

Don’t be too Curious:  Admire another woodworker’s project without picking it up.

Don’t Remove Clamps: NEVER remove clamps from someone’s project without first asking just because you think that project no longer needs clamping. Many projects require clamping overnight.

Don’t Move Someone’s Project: Do not move someone’s project from the table to give yourself more room or to use a specific table. Ask first.

Clean up after yourself: This is a Shop Rule.

Help Carry the Load: The WWGVR club operates solely with volunteers to ensure the club, it’s facilities, and it’s equipment are properly managed and cared for. Contact Us to help.

Be Safety Conscious at all times: Always be aware of your surroundings and other woodworkers.

Class Attendance Policies

View the Class Policies page. MUST Be Logged in Member to View!

Layout Bench Usage Rules

3 Day Rule: A project may occupy more than 1/2 a bench for only three (3) consecutive days, then must be removed or down-sized. On-going small projects may occupy up to 1⁄4 of a bench, but the member must arrive each day before 9:00 am.

At Work by 9 am: When occupying a bench for more than one day, the member must be working more or less continuously on the project and must arrive the following day before 9:00 am.

Work In Progress Note: Projects left out overnight must have a note attached declaring the member’s name and reason for leaving the project out.

Remove Tools: All personal tools, supplies and inventory MUST be removed from layout benches each night. (All shop tools must be returned to their proper places each night, except for clamps, etc. that are being used overnight.)

Keep Benches Clear: Members must endeavor to keep benches as clear as possible to accommodate the Shop’s large membership.